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The company called Jellycat was established in London. The name came from a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together.

The company creates quirky, original and innovative soft toys. The designs are cool and made with very fine fabrics. Their products are safe after being tested by U.S. safety Standard (ASTM).

The Beth Sholom gift shop has a variety of Jellycat products.

Beth Sholom Gift Shop Now Has Online Shopping

The Beth Sholom Gift Shop is the perfect place to shop for all your personal and gift giving needs. You can now shop either online or at the store located at Beth Sholom Congregation, a National Historic Landmark building in Elkins Park, PA. All products and services are available either at BSCgiftshop.com or in person. Select from exciting assortments of [...]

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Innovative Kids Books

Innovative Kids is owned by a husband and wife and staffed by parents and educators. The staff of talented individuals create visually well designed and well written books, puzzles & toys. Innovative Kids products are safe for children and tested to meet the highest standards.The BSC gift shop has many Innovative Kids products to choose from. Two of [...]

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Priddy Books

Priddys Books was founded in 2000 by Roger Priddy. He started this company to educate children by publishing a wide range of fun, informative and engaging books. These books are valued and important so great care is taken to make sure that they are safe and comply with the highest standards.The Beth Sholom Gift Shop [...]

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